He wants Liz Hurley, but Andy Homer of Axa Insurance only gets to bare all to Insurance Times in our new section..

What newspaper do you read?
FT and The Times

What career did you want to have when you were a child?
Soccer Player

What was the worst business decision you have ever made?
Haven't made it yet

What is the biggest insurance claim you have made?
A burst pipe which caused £5K worth of damage

Who do you most admire?
Homer Simpson

Do you have an unfulfilled ambition?
That's between me and Liz Hurley

What is your favourite quote?
Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser

What is your most over-used phrase?
Kiss my XXXX

What keeps you awake at night?
My unfulfilled ambition (see above)

What advice would you give someone starting in insurance today?
Be ambitious. Don't work for one employer too long

What was your first job?
Helping out in my Uncle's butcher's shop

Where did you grow up?
I haven't

What was your education?
Completed my ‘A' Levels, took a gap year from University and I never went back to it

What is your favourite film?
It's a Wonderful Life, starring James Stewart

What is your favourite book?
Collected Poems of WB Yeats

What is your favourite dinner?
Jumbo prawns, fillet steak, salad and a glass of Cloudy Bay

How often do you use public transport?
Not daily anymore – maybe weekly

Who do you vote for?

How did you vote in the last election?

Are you in favour of the euro?