Total Broker Solutions (TBS) has signed a deal with Lloyd's broker Thompson Heath & Bond (THB) to give its members access to two specialist schemes.

TBS chief executive Mike Williams said that the agreement will give TBS members access to THB's Property UK scheme, which is underwritten by AXA and Fleet UK scheme, which is underwritten by Zurich.

"We've already agreed that those facilities will be made available to members when appropriate," Williams said.

"THB is one of the most successful players in recent years offering those services."

Property UK and Fleet UK transferred to THB when the company acquired Rarrigini & Rosso earlier this year.

Williams said that the deal had been done in order to give TBS members access to the London market through specialist schemes and to underwriters who will write non-standard risks.

Williams said the arrangement will complement its existing deals with company market insurers.

He said that TBS is also in talks with other London market brokers about access to facilities and is in continuing discussions with THB about gaining access to some of its other schemes.