I read your article regarding accounts settlements ("Making it all add up", 31 August) with interest.

We have been using AXA on-line settlement for some months. It's run via the i-market web-site, which many other major insurers use for promoting products, and it was, I think, hoped to roll it out for quotation purposes as well.

Why other insurers have not taken up the mantle thrown down by AXA I don't know.

It's a very easy and managable system, you can look behind the front screen and get the premium and commission splits, which so often lead to unreconciled items.

This together with picking up on the results of your poll into the Post Office charges change would surely prompt brokers into using e-settlement as accounts always seem to end up in nearly parcel-sized envelopes.

Bring on the changes - let's use the technology, it's to our benefit.

Wendy Brafield
Accounts administrator
Tett Hamilton & Co