Managing director Malcolm Lee said the user group could influence decisions made by TEn’s board

TEn Insurance Network has launched a new user group for its members that allows them to provide feedback about the network.

TEn User Group (TUG) is managed by seven brokers, picked from its 90-strong membership, who will represent members by region.

Managing director Malcolm Lee said the committee’s recommendations would help to direct the development of TEn Insurance and influence decisions made by the board.

Lee said: “The TUG committee is run by broker member representatives for the benefit of all members. 

“We are committed to securing the long-term independence of our network and ultimately we hope that all members as well as the staff will all own a stake in the business. 

“The launch of TUG is therefore the next step in this process and so I’m delighted to see this committee up and running. 

“Most broker networks say that they listen to their members’ needs, but at TEn Insurance this is a reality now with the formation of TUG – members will have a direct say and impact on the future development of our network.”

HPL Insurance Services managing director Howard Lancaster has been appointed chairman of the committee.