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The motor market has never been more dynamic. After years of mounting losses because of claims inflation and changing distribution models, insurers have finally responded by hiking prices. The market has accepted the price rises, and the trend will be repeated this year. As motor returns to profitability, insurers are bringing capacity back to the market.

In this ‘Knowledge’ section, Insurance Times examines these changes in-depth, looking at the financial drivers that underpinned the price rises, and the extent of those rises. We look at the distribution journey from customer to insurer, and explore how it is changing.

We ask what major events have shaped the market in the past 18 months, and how they look with the benefit of hindsight.

We reveal exclusive research that lays bare the broker view of the market. And we interview one of the market’s most influential insurers. Finally, we offer our informed view of what comes next.

This is everything you need to know about motor.