Have you heard the one about the housewife and her milkman?

Backchat has been wondering whether a lovers' tiff sparked the recent peculiar call to the Allianz Cornhill Legal Protection (ACLP) claims helpline.

Upset by the noise of milk bottles clinking on the back of a milk van early in the morning, a woman contacted the claims line for help.

"I want you to help me take out an anti-social behaviour order," she told ACLP.

"Erm... sorry?" came the reply.

"The milkman is too noisy. I want you to help me shut him up," she continued.

"Erm..." the confused call handler responded.

It seems the woman was fed up of the milkman disturbing her neighbourhood at an unsocial hour, which had resulted in her sleeping patterns being disturbed.

ACLP declined to comment on whether the woman is getting more sleep now she's no longer getting her full cream delivered by the milkman.