It was a case of claims experts in the right place at the right time at this week's Society of Claims Technicians exams.

This was because the exams, testing the scholars on a range of claims, took place in Westminster Hall on Tuesday May 1 – the very day the anarchists were forecast to cause mayhem, disturbance and potential damage that could result in insurance claims.

President of SCT Chris Miller joked: “We had been discussing whether to allow the candidates to take in mobile phones in case they receive instructions while the riots are on.

“Maybe next year we will have questions on the riots, as they do throw up the question of liability. Can the insurance companies claim off the police for not keeping peace?

“If, as last time, some of the rioters turn out to be boys from Eton, can the claimants take advantage of their families' household policies? These are important questions for those handling claims.”