Tidal surge causes destruction overnight

Thousands have been rescued and evacuated from their homes overnight as a devastating tidal surge continues to wreak havoc on many of the UK’s coastal towns.

The Environment Agency (EA) now has 40 severe flood warnings in place, 23 of which are in the Anglian region including Boston and the surrounding areas.

Wales and Cornwall also have a number of flood alerts in place.

This morning the BBC has reported that measurements show the tidal surge in Great Yarmouth last night was higher than 1953 when more than 300 people were killed. 

The EA had warned that in some areas, sea levels could be higher than those during the devastating floods of 1953, but that flood defences built since then – including the Thames and Hull Barriers – meant that hundreds of thousands of properties are now better protected.

Flood waters are reported to be receding, but people are being warned to remain vigilant.