Shadow treasury secretary Howard Flight is vehemently opposed to the introduction of fees for general insurance brokers.

It is understood that the change from commission to fees is promoted in the European Directive that will shape forthcoming broker regulations.

Flight said: "I'd be furious if my broker charged a fee." Flight, who revealed that he has policies with Hiscox, added that he is not alone. "Clients just don't like paying fees," he said.

It is understood that the Financial Services Authority (FSA), which will advise government on the adoption of the European intermediary directive, is in favour of fees, as part of its drive for transparency.

Flight, who was promoted to shadow treasury secretary last week, urged brokers to stick up for themselves. "Brokers must make a fuss, or nothing will happen."

He added: "The EU Directive doesn't matter. We are masters of our own ship and don't have to go overboard."

Flight argued that the government should aim to introduce the minimum regulation from the directive. "It would be crackpot for the government to hit the industry while it is down."

Electrical retailers came in for criticism by Flight. "Retail warranties often do not offer good value for money," he said.

But, he warned the FSA has too much to cope with at the moment and feared that electrical warranties may not get the regulation they deserve.