A couple who appeared in a BBC TV documentary on the plight of Lloyd's names have lost their latest court battle against bankruptcy proceedings.

Geoffrey and Gail Twinn had their appeal against a bankruptcy order sought by Lloyd's turned down by the Court of Appeal last Wednesday (March 22).

Earlier, the husband and wife had discussed their fate in the TV programme Money, Money, Money broadcast last October.

The court ruling enables the insurance market to begin recovery proceedings against the couple who are alleged to owe Lloyd's £1.5m.

The Twinn's had successfully appealed an earlier bankruptcy order for non-payment of underwriting losses in the high court in 1999.

The latest ruling said the Twinns had accepted Lloyd's 1996 reconstruction and renewal agreement but had not paid monies owing under the terms of the settlement.

Philip Coldbeck, solicitor for Lloyd's debt recovery team, said: "Lloyd's will continue to pursue these debts on behalf of our policyholders and the thousands of names who were prepared to pay and duly settle their liabilities."