Yacht and fine art brokers will be able to place risks via new interactive websites currently being created by underwriting agency Underwriting Risk Services (URSL).

URSL, which specialises in yacht, marine trades and fine art insurance, is developing three product-based sites, which allow brokers and clients to get an immediate quotation online.

It is expecting to launch at least one of the websites next month.

The underwriting agency currently offers a similar service to clients and brokers through its interactive sites yachtsure.com and yachtsureinteractive.com.

In a bid to achieve further business growth the company has also increased its individual policy limits on its leading business lines.

URSL increased its underwriting limit in its fine art book to $40m (£22.9m) and raised the limit for yachts from $35m to more than $58m.

Nicholas Hales, managing director of URSL said: "By the end of this year we want all policy documentation across all lines of business to be issued to clients within five working days, utilising technology that can be done in seconds."