DAS has unveiled a new Employment Practices Protection contract that undertakes to defend any claim, and pay tribunal awards, provided procedures recommended in a pre-cover risk assessment are in place.

“An employment health check is central to this blanket cover,” said Ray Kneeshaw, DAS sales & marketing manager. “It can take several days to complete.

“In principle, DAS will defend any employment case and pay subsequent awards. Brokers have told us that this all-embracing cover will meet business concerns over the rising tide of restrictive legislation.

“It is a high profile cover that we expect will really take off in the next few years”.

Properly drafted human resources procedures help to regulate the working environment and avoid disputes. Even if such practices operate effectively, there is no guarantee that employees will not try to bring a claim.

Employment Practices Protection enables employers to have full representation plus substantial cover against possible compensation awards.

The new policy complements the existing DAS Commercial Legal Protection policy, but is likely to appeal to larger businesses with payrolls in excess of £1m. Policies are written on a three-year basis, renewable annually.

According to ABI figures, DAS currently has a 58% share of the commercial legal expenses insurance market.