More than 600 clients have signed up to DNA+ marking in six months

More than 600 clients of Willis Commercial Network members have registered for a liquid coding kit designed to prevent theft by making any lost or stolen items uniquely identifiable and traceable.

The initiative has seen a 97% take-up rate from members of the Willis Commercial Network since it was launched in January.

The DNA+ liquid can be applied to any valuable equipment from laptops to agricultural machinery. The liquid contains a unique client code entered into a database that helps police reunite a lost or stolen item with its owner. The equipment is also marked with stickers to act as a theft deterrent.

Willis said over £6.5 million of premium has been placed with partner insurers in the first half of 2014 via network members who have registered for the DNA+ kits.

Willis Commercial Network managing director Sara Fardon said: “The kits are a powerful differentiator for Willis Commercial Network members.”

“DNA+ is a practical additional tool for our network members, which helps them to promote customer loyalty and enhance their proposition to clients, thereby boosting new business and retention. We are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to add value and provide our members with that distinct trading advantage to help them grow their businesses.”

Network member Tony McDonagh and Co managing director Sean McDonagh said: “DNA+ has revolutionised how we have engaged with our new business prospects and clients. Our sales team and account executives have used it to secure business into the strategic partner panel as it is a truly unique proposition adding value to both the customer and insurer.”