Broker is FA’s preferred scheme broker 

Bluefin has come under scrutiny over its financial protection cover scheme for amateur footballers, according to the Guardian.

Bluefin Sport is the Football Association’s preferred broker for the National Game Insurance Scheme. Introduced three years ago, this scheme makes insurance mandatory for 11-a-side games.

But footballers have expressed concern that they are only entitled to £30 a week temporary disablement benefits, the Guardian says.

Graphic designer David Giligan, who broke his leg playing for Sporting Hackney, said: “I rang the insurance company and found out I was insured for £30 a week and a one-off payment of £150. They don’t pay you for the first two weeks.

“My club are so tight on money that they can’t improve the insurance. There are other players that are taxi drivers, couriers, plumbers, decorators who are not in full-time work. If they get injured they are going to be in real financial trouble.”

Harrow player manager Bryan Kinsey, said: “My assistant manager looked at the insurance and told me it’s not even worth it because you’re going to get a payment of £100, which will be taxed to around £60.”

Irwin Mitchell sports injury lawyer Stephen Nye said: “We’re finding that even when the cover is in place it does not provide a great deal of financial recompense should an incident occur.”

However, the scheme did receive support. The Liverpool County Football League said it was not aware of any problems with the cover, while the Northern Football Alliance described the service as “very good”.

Bluefin also offers improved cover giving £150 disablity benefit for £290 per team each season. Policy options pay out £30,000 for accidental death and £60,000 for life-changing injuries. Bluefin was not available for comment.