The first to improve his driving skills, Joseph, left Britain's Worst Drivers on Friday night. He's now back among us drivers on the road - in his prize Rover car. A sobering thought.

The remaining seven will this week battle it out to win one of the cars, as they seek to improve their sorely-lacking skills behind the wheel.

It is week three and the tests centre around emergency stops, three-point turns and trying to take bends safely at speed down a winding track. Tempers are fraying and partners and mothers are getting on the drivers' nerves. And Quentin? Well, just to spice things up, he adds a few fresh eggs to the bonnet of each car that the contestants must try not to smash...

The sun was out, the tarmac's hot and as Neil Utley, Cox Insurance chief executive confirms, there'll be a few omelettes made this Friday night.