Men under 26 in six of top ten UK uninsured convictions

Male motorists living in Dumfriesshire are the most likely to have a conviction for driving uninsured, according to

Its analysis of almost three million car insurance quotes over a year found that men in their early twenties living in the Scottish town of Sanquhar in Dumfriesshire, have the highest proportion of convictions on their license for driving uninsured (28%).

Men of the same age living in Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, and those in Glasgow, take second and third place, with 24% and 20% respectively having the IN10 conviction.

Boy racers

Steve Sweeney, head of car insurance at, said: “It seems men under 25 year are not only the country’s “boy racers” but also “law breakers”.

With half of the top ten profiles for uninsured drivers being males under 25 years old, they are more likely to flout the law by driving without car insurance.

Unfortunately the high cost of car insurance, especially for younger drivers, could be the overriding reason for this. With recent news that the cost of comprehensive car insurance increased by almost 19% in 2009,2 we could see the number of uninsured drivers on our roads increase in the future.

Women drivers

Only one female profile appearing in the top ten. Female motorists in their early twenties living in the market town of Dunstable in Bedfordshire take seventh spot.

Postcode/ Area/ Age / Gender/ Offence Code/ % of convictions

  • DG4/ Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire/ 22 – 25/ Male/ IN10/ 28.42%
  • HX7/ Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire/ 22 – 25/ Male/ IN10/ 24.88%
  • G14/ Glasgow/ 22 – 25/ Male/ IN10/ 20.43%
  • M12/ Manchester/ 31 – 40/ Male/ IN10/ 17.42%
  • KA4 Galston, Ayrshire/ 17 – 21/ Male/ IN10/ 15.79%
  • E9/ Hackney, London/ 51 +/ Male/ IN10/ 14.39%
  • B7/ Nechells, Birmingham/ 51 +/ Male/ IN10/ 14.29%
  • LU5/ Dunstable, Bedfordshire/ 22 – 25/ Female/ IN10/ 12.84%
  • HR6/ Leominster/ 22 – 25/ Male/ IN10/ 12.45%
  • W11/ Notting Hill, London/ 31 – 40/ Male/ IN10/ 12.37%