Zurich is offering lifestyle packages to 200,000 motor policyholders who are over 50-years-old, in a trial run to develop more customer loyalty.

The insurer will be contacting the drivers direct, with the full knowledge of their brokers, half way through the insured's policy.

The company hopes that the customers will then renew with Zurich, even if offered a cheaper quote by the broker, because they see additional benefits from being with the Swiss-based insurer.

Zurich's research says it wants to have one policy for everyone but differentiate to suit individual needs.

If the 200,000-customer trial works the scheme could be extended to more of the insurer's 1.4m policyholders. The move comes on top of providing free breakdown cover, which Zurich reckons helps secure more customer loyalty.

The 'Privileges' brochure for the over-50s includes wine, music, chocolate, flower and jewellery offers plus a range of discounted travel offers, including trips on Concorde.

nMore than 750 'partner' brokers have registered for the Zurich Commercial learning programme called EduCare.

EduCare aims to improve the industry's knowledge of commercial insurance through a series of monthly learning modules and multiple-choice questionnaires.

This year the programme will focus on liability, motor and property insurance. More than 1400 insurance staff, including internal Zurich staff, have now signed up for the yearly-long course

The programme was first run in 1998 under the Eagle Star Commercial band and attracted more than 1000 brokers.

Each partner broker is given two free registrations and each participant is given monthly progress reports on their modules.

A revision paper on the content of the whole programme is provided at the end of all the modules and a certificate of achievement is given to everybody who successfully completes the programme.

Zurich Commercial's Underwriting & Marketing director Roger Thrift said: "In the modern market, knowledge is the competitive advantage.

"EduCare demonstrates our commitment to help raise standards. We are absolutely delighted with the response."