Thursday, 17 August 2017

Financial Analysis

David Stevens: Ogden reinsurance hit to push rates up furtherSubscription

Premium content: Admiral chief executive David Stevens ‘disappointed’ by renewal pricing blunder

Andy Watson: Ageas UK solvency restored to pre-Ogden levelsSubscription

Premium content: Chief executive Andy Watson says Ageas UK solvency is now in a more comfortable place

Steve Treloar: GI stake sale to Allianz spurred by LV capital needsSubscription

Premium content: Steve Treloar and Allianz’s Jon Dye explain the Allianz LV deal rationale

Amanda Blanc: AXA UK in ‘good shape’ despite profit dropSubscription

Premium content: AXA UK and Ireland chief executive Amanda Blanc says the company is coping well with industry challenges

Steve Lewis: Recent claims inflation could push up home ratesSubscription

Premium content: RSA UK and international chief executive Steve Lewis said ‘green shoots’ are emerging on home pricing

Hiscox UK GWP to get £20m boost from Barclays dealSubscription

Premium content: Hiscox UK looking at adding more partners after Barclays deal

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Financial News

H1 results: Confused profit dives after spending spree

Admiral owned price comparison site Confused profit almost halves

H1 results: Ogden impact slows Admiral UK profit growth

Admiral UK profit almost flat because of continued Ogden effects

One Broker Group buys East Anglian broker

One Broker Group buys East Anglian broker GDIS

Insurers under fire on premium financeSubscription

Insurers under fire once again for their charges for premium finance

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