Derrick Cogan was left shell shocked after a cow fell 30ft off a cliff onto his caravan.

With the touring caravan sited at the bottom of a disused quarry, part of a picturesque caravan park in Ilfracombe, the cow, grazing on the land above the quarry slipped down the rock face, landing on the caravan.

Despite its fall, the cow is alive and well, suffering only a bruised leg and a limp. The caravan, which broke its fall however, has not been so lucky with £2,000 of damage.

Cogan, 63, from Bristol, said: ''I received a call from the owner of the caravan site early Monday morning. I thought he was pulling my leg at first, but I soon realised that he wasn't. I am slightly upset about the damage to my caravan as we are very fond of it, but I'm glad the cow survived."

The cow ended up wedged between the wall and the caravan.

Craig Thompson, marketing manager of Cogan's insurance provider Halifax-based Caravan Guard, said: "We can assure Mr Cogan, who did see the funny side to the story, that we will be moo-ving to settle the claim as soon as possible."