Marketing company Countrywide has added a new household product called Avenues to its range of electronically-rated products. It is both buildings and contents rated.

The product is underwritten by Fortis and carries the insurer's service standards guarantee, with financial sanctions in the event of failure.

Free legal and domestic helplines are provided by DAS, complementing Fortis Onecall, a 24-hour helpline for reporting and tracking claims.

Point of sale documentation includes a declaration, a summary of cover and annual schedule.

Customer sales leaflets are available, together with advice and support on cross-selling from Countrywide's inhouse marketing department.

The Fortis service guarantee is a published document, backed by cash sanctions.

Guarantees are applicable to virtually all aspects of the underwriting, administration and claims services:

  • service and policy administration – specific time limits have been agreed for issue of new policies, adjustments and renewal documentation
  • claims – time limits are laid down for the majority of aspects of the claims process.

    In the event that Fortis is unable to meet a published standard, it will offer an alternative. If the alternative is not acceptable, it will pay £5 for each working day that the standard is not met.

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