What a carve up

Confused.com is doing its best to give journalists nightmares. The aggregator hosted a Jack the Ripper tour through the dark, cold and windless streets of London on Monday.

A nip of whisky (provided by Confused.com, Backchat hastens to add) helped to take the edge off the cold, as well as off the disturbing police photographs passed around of Jack’s victims.

The tour guide took the group of Confused staff and journalists through the crooked and cobbled streets of Whitechapel and Brick Lane, where a drunken passerby yelled “Boo!”, making the group – OK, maybe just the wimpy Backchat – even more jumpy.

While the tour was scary for the participants, it might have been even scarier for the residents of the area.

With property prices plummeting and house sales stagnating, it can hardly help to have crowds of people walking round and gawping while a guide points out former brothels and sites where the notorious killer struck.

Luckily, the tour ended at the restaurant Caravaggio, where a hot bowl of crab and courgette soup was a welcome comfort.