AA Law will start trading on 1 December

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has granted the AA an alternative business structure (ABS) licence, allowing it to offer its own legal services.

The breakdown recovery and insurance broking firm will launch a new company, AA Law, which will begin trading on 1 December this year.

The new company will initially handle personal injury and other litigation associated with car accidents suffered by AA members and customers, thus reducing reliance on a panel of law firms.

Employment and contract services are likely to be added as a natural evolution of the new business, the AA said.

AA Law is a joint venture with law firm Lyons Davidson. Lyons Davidson is also the partner for Admiral Law, one of the ABS firms announced by motor insurer Admiral in April.

Head of AA Law Janet Pell said: “This is a great step forward for the AA.

“This is a goal we have been working towards ever since ABS was announced and I’m delighted that we have been able to do this with the expertise of the widely trusted law firm, Lyons Davidson.”

Pell added: “It is a natural fit for the AA, its legal helpline and its motor legal expenses policy, which is already supported by Lyons Davidson.

“It’s also a logical extension of the legal documents we already host on the AA’s website, which provides customers with easy access to legal recourse on a host of issues.”