Director general Haddrill says industry has 'key role' in provision of healthcare

The ABI's director general Stephen Haddrill has said the insurance industry had key role to play in ensuring that people had access to healthcare.

Haddrill's comments were in response to the government's announcement that patients could pay for drugs not available to the NHS without losing access to NHS treatment, so-called top-up funding.

Stephen Haddrill, said: "This announcement goes some way towards addressing the hugely emotive issue of access to drugs. How this new system will work in practice, and the extent to which it will end the ‘postcode lottery’ for cancer drugs in the NHS, remain to be seen.

“The insurance industry has a key role to play in helping to ensure that access to the very best healthcare and drugs becomes a realistic choice for most people, not just the very few who can afford to pay for cancer drugs that can cost many tens of thousands of pounds."