The ABI will today (26 September) detail plans for flood insurance after the flood moratorium ends on 31 December.

In the New Year, insurers will no longer have to foot the bill for all flood claims and can exclude areas of high risk. Today's announcement will clarify the position of ABI members.

"We will take into account how the government has looked at flood management, funding and the issue of properties built on flood plains," an ABI spokesman said.

"It is not the end of the issue. We aim to provide reassurance to the policyholder, but will continue to review the situation. The government needs to deliver on its promises and there is a lot more to be done."

This week Halifax accused the government of dragging its feet and not doing enough to put flood protection in place. It also announced it would continue to provide flood cover to its existing customers even if the government and the ABI failed to reach an agreement. Details of the ABI announcement were to be finalised at a board meeting yesterday (25 September).

l The Environment Agency is urging the public to be aware of floods in its annual flooding awareness campaign. Environment Agency chief executive Barbara Young said: "If you can take precautions to reduce the risk you should.

"Pretending you're not at risk is not a defence - it's a delusion."