InsurE-com gains access to commercial lines in broker-market deal

Broker system providers Acturis and insurE-com have agreed a deal that will see Acturis supply its customers with insurE-com's personal lines rating facilities. In return, insurE-com will gain access to a slice of the commercial lines broker market .

The web-based Acturis system is for commercial lines brokers, while insurE-com has specialised in personal lines and has developed a panel of major risk carriers.

InsurE-com vice president for business development Dan Francis said: "Acturis didn't want to put together a panel of personal lines carriers because it's a time consuming process, so our integration services were ideal."

The deal will see Acturis gain access to insurE-com's industry portal and its Polaris-rated personal lines products. When an Acturis customer wants a personal lines quotation, the Acturis application will send an electronic message to the insurE-com portal.

The result is returned to Acturis and displayed within the Acturis application.

"The Acturis customer doesn't realise he has left the Acturis application.

"All the personal lines quoting is being done by ourselves," said Francis.

Acturis co-chief executive Theo Duchen said: "We like to partner with many different companies because that's how you become successful.

"We essentially pool a service and more people in the market should be thinking that way."