Who would make the best spokesman for Norwich Union (NU)? For integrity - ex-BBC correspondent and MP Martin Bell perhaps? Or for honesty - ex-jeweller Gerald Ratner? Maybe even Australian bombshell Holly Valance, for sexiness?

Well, with a huge dose of irony, NU is talking to Norwich's finest son, Alan Partridge. Aha, you may say. More apt even is the Partridge phrase, "Cashback!" as actor Steve Coogan is likely to pick up £500,000 for a TV, radio and poster campaign.

According to The Sun newspaper, the first commercial would have Partridge interviewed by NU executives about a fictional ad campaign. The idea behind it, of course, is to give NU broader appeal in the youth market.

Let us know what you think of NU's idea. In the words of the great man himself: "Back of the net!"