New logo reflects ‘forward-looking’ company says chief executive Robert Benmosche

AIG's new logo

AIG has unveiled its new logo in preparation for the rebranding of Chartis.

The lighter blue logo will be used in a limited capacity until the Chartis rebrand is complete, which is likely to be next month.

Chief executive Robert Benmosche said: “AIG’s reputation is being restored, and our clients, investors, and the general public are increasingly recognising that AIG has made America whole plus a profit ….

“Our new logo reflects a rebuilt and forward looking AIG - contemporary, dynamic, transparent, and revitalised. Every day, we are working to build on that accomplishment by continuing to innovate, while providing our clients with outstanding products and services.”

The rebrand comes amid reports that AIG will be declared systematically important by US regulators. AIG is likely to face more heavy regulation, but the upside is that regulators believe it will pave the way for AIG to be one of the most financially robust firms in global financial services.