The Motor Insurers' Information Centre (MIIC) has responded angrily to allegations that its motor insurance database is irrelevant to the fleet and motor trade.

Road Runner's group chairman Mike Slack commented in Insurance Times that he could not see the benefit of the database, as there had never been a problem with uninsured drivers in the fleet and motor trade.

He subsequently received a letter from the MIIC, outlining the importance of the database. "Your statement only serves to aggravate an already touchy subject matter," it said.

" Most responsible motorists would strive to cut down on the number of uninsured vehicles and the burden that this places on all legitimate motorists."

Slack said he remained concerned about the fleet and motor traders. "They can't be forced to register stock on private property," he said.

The letter said it was only vehicles in the hands of the motor trade policyholder for motor trade purposes that were covered by the policy.

It stated that there were incidences "when a motor trader could be driving a vehicle for pleasure purposes, which does not belong to him, or is not in his custody or control for motor trade purposes and is not, therefore, included."

MIIC program manager Donald Martin was unavailable for comment at the time Insurance Times went to press.