Commercial insurance specialist Anglo Pacific Consultants (London) has developed a quote engine for brokers that can quote for up to 47 different commercial property risks.

The CD-based quote system complies with the Association of British Insurers' point-of-sale code and can also serve as a database on commercial risks.

APC said it had analysed its database of 50,000 commercial risks in order to refine the system.

Brian Russell, APC managing director, said he was interested in making the commercial quote system and user manual available to brokers which have an annual premium income of more than £50,000.

He said: “We are looking for support from brokers who opt to use the system in the form of premium income.”

Russell added: “I believe we are possibly the only commercial property underwriting agency that is able to provide brokers a quote for a package of combined commercial insurance.”

The quotation system is able to quote risks on up to 47 different types of commercial property insurance, save and modify the quote and produce quotation documentation. In most cases, quotes can be obtained in just a few minutes.