Insurer also vows not to leave UK after Pru bombshell

Aviva is looking into launching a car insurance smartphone app that would give motorists a discount based on their driving style.

Aviva UK chief executive Trevor Matthews said the experimental app would use technology already available in smartphones to monitor driving, according to the Daily Express.

Matthews said: “It’s something our techos are looking at. They tell me you can get quite a lot of information about how the car is being driven, but the fundamental issue is, does the person take the phone in the car?”

Meanwhile Aviva chief executive Andrew Moss has vowed that his firm will not redomicile following reports that Prudential is considering leaving the UK for Hong Kong.

According to City AM, Moss said: “We’re here to stay. Trust me, if Aviva were to redomicile then you’d be turning the lights out in the city – because everyone else would have left first.”