Construction firm Morgan Sindall are seeking a £9m professional indemnity payout from Aviva over the sub-standard work done by Sabre Structures on a stadium project

A construction company is seeking a payout of more than £9m after a subcontracted firm insured by Aviva performed an inadequate job on a Manchester-based stadium project.

Morgan Sindall Construction and Infrastructure subcontracted Sabre Structures, which went into administration in August 2012, to perform steel-work on the project.

Court documents show that having won a judgement against Sabre in December 2017 for £9.3m plus costs of more than £190,000, Morgan Sindall is now seeking a professional indemnity payout from Aviva.

Aviva insured Sabre between December 2011 and November 2012.

But documents from the lawyers of Morgan Sindall suggest Aviva in July 2015 told Sabre the policy was void.

Morgan Sindall state that Aviva has failed to hand over important documents in the case. The firm has requested an order from the High Court requiring Aviva to pass on these documents within a week.

A spokesman for Aviva said: “We are unable to comment due to outstanding legal proceedings.”