Scotland striker Garry O’Connor accused of trying to con Aviva out of nearly £100,000 over crashed Ferrari

Garry O' Connor, Scotland footballer

Aviva staff will be called as witnesses over the alleged £93,000 insurance fraud of Scotland and Hibernian striker Garry O’Connor.

O’Connor, 28, allegedly told Aviva he was driving the F430 Spider F1 in Gullane on 30 April 2011 when it suffered extensive damage near East Lothian.

However, it is alleged his friend Darren Brock crashed the car two weeks earlier.

Fiscal despute Alison Innes told the Crown she would be calling on “six or seven” witnesses, including employees from Aviva Insurance who will travel from Manchester to attend the trial, the BBC says.

O’Connor today pleaded not guilty to the insurance fraud charges. He will stand trial on May 24.