Nine in 10 doctors have dealt with a completely made-up injury

Bodily injury accident injured man

Almost two thirds of GPs (60%) claim to have seen an increase in the number of patients feigning and exaggerating injuries in order to make a fraudulent compensation claim in the last two years, according to research by LV= car insurance.

This comes on the day when government is meeting with insurers at Whitehall to tackle a number of issues affecting the industry, including the rising cost of fraudulent personal injury claims.

The research from LV= found that almost 9 out of 10 (87%) GPs at some point have seen someone who was completely making an injury up and almost all GPs interviewed (96%) said they have been visited by someone they thought was exaggerating an injury.

It is estimated that 29,000 GP hours are wasted every month across the UK in dealing with claims companies and people making up or exaggerating injuries in order to claim compensation.

The rise in attempted fraudulent claims is partly down to the strong arm tactics of some personal injury lawyers and claims management companies. Almost two thirds (60%) of those who have been in a car accident in the last 12 months say they have been pestered by a lawyer or claims management company trying to persuade them to make an injury claim.

The research revealed that many people believe they will get away with making a fraudulent insurance claim, despite the authorities taking a tougher line on financial crime. One in four people who have been in a car accident in the last 12 months admit they attempted to exaggerate or feign injuries in order to claim compensation and a quarter (23%) of these admit making an injury up entirely.

Earlier this year LV= won a landmark case against four such claimants who attempted to claim compensation for a variety of injuries, including whiplash, in a car accident that never took place. The four dependents who admitted guilt were each given custodial sentences at the Royal Courts of Justice in February.

LV= car insurance managing director John O’Roarke said: “Fraudulent personal injury claims are a huge problem for the industry and are driving up premiums for all. We support the government’s aim to deter fraud and cut motor insurance costs but this will not be achieved overnight. We need to tackle the root of the problem and create better legislation to stop unscrupulous fraudsters taking advantage of the system.”