Mark Cliff promises to hold direct commercial business at 10%

AXA will not increase the proportion of commercial business that it writes direct, according to commercial and intermediary lines director Mark Cliff.

Cliff said that direct commercial business currently amounts to 10% of the insurer's book of business and there were "no plans" to grow this sector.

Direct commercial business is written through AXA Direct Commercial. This is separate from AXA's direct personal lines business, which is no longer to receive investment.

Cliff also said that the insurer was only months away from having the majority of its commercial products e-enabled using AXA Business-risk.

"We are currently piloting renewal and mid-term adjustments. At the end of June we will have 80% of our products e-enabled on a full-cycle basis."

Meanwhile, AXA is in talks with Ordnance Survey over the development of a digital mapping system to be used in risk surveys.

AXA risk control strategy manager Michael Butler said: "The Ordnance Survey is able to provide geographic data which can be overlaid with other information such as subsidence data, and building details."

The aim is to provide surveyors with as much information as possible before they visit the risk.

The insurer is also setting up a research group to identify emerging risks. Butler said that the group would look at the social, political and legislative issues that affect the insurance industry.

"We need to identify the risks that we think will be problematic in years to come so we can be prepared. We are currently working on the terms of reference."