Backchat's chum at the Lloyd's Greenwich syndicate 994, Tim Gunter, knows how to have a good time. Having sponsored a 1959 MGA in the coming Monte Carlo or Bust race in January, he jumped at the chance to meet Miss Goodnight, Britt Eckland, at the party in Pall Mall in aid of the Prince's trust.

Greenwich provided sponsorship by giving event and cancellation cover for the party, underwritten by syndicate 994.

According to Gunter alcohol and leg-breaking were a worry. “The two areas of concern were a very valuable plasma screen, showing clips of the rally, which was rather too conveniently placed for people ‘full of bubbles' to lean on, and Miss Elkland's broken leg (carefully disguised) which meant she had to be manhandled, so to speak, on to the platform to deliver her words of welcome,” he told Backchat.

“Thankfully it went without a hitch, the leg having been broken elsewhere and not exposing the liability element of the cover, and Plasma proving indestructible. “

According to Gunter, the other promised attraction was Kate Moss but she turned out not to be the one who had just been dispossessed of £250,000 of jewellery (the same night), but a very pretty stockbroker. Nobody minded.

Oh and Gunter said: “The fat bloke in the picture is me.”