Start-up outsourcing firm, Cogent Communications, this week unveiled a new application service provider to offer web-oriented call centre facilities.

The technology firm was formed in August last year with £7m backing. It is seeking to penetrate several vertical markets including banking, financial services, and insurance.

Marketing director Povl Verder, said Cogent is in discussions with several insurers about adopting the new technology.

He said: "Insurance companies internationally are telephone based. For these companies to up grade and deal with the internet – first they require a lot of cash, then they require the expertise."

The new ASP offering has been created to allow call centre operations to work in conjunction with the internet.

The start-up firm has two means of providing the service. Firstly, it can let insurers and brokers "plug in" to its technology infrastructure, secondly, it can carry out the full outsourcing operation.