Guide will provide information on potential risks and cover available

An insurance guide for volunteers and charities was launched today at the Biba conference.

The guide, produced by Biba and the Volunteer Liaison Group, explains the risks that individuals and the sector may be vulnerable to.

It also lists the types of cover available and advice on how to reduce risks.

The guide covers three sections; insurance required by law, insurance for individuals who volunteer or act as a trustee, and insurance for the charity and the community sector.

Biba executive director Graeme Trudgill said: “This guide will not only be helpful to those in the voluntary sector to understand the insurance available but may save them money by identifying where existing insurance already provides cover.

“Ultimately it will allow them to focus on their volunteering and good causes with peace of mind, whether they are helping support a charity or simply cutting a neighbour’s garden hedge.”

Voluntary Sector Insurance Working Group chairman David Tyler added: “These documents will, for the first time, give trustees, volunteers and organisations a comprehensive picture of the risks they face and the best ways to mitigate them.”