Training and competence key areas as bodies work for "a strong unified voice"

Biba and the CII moved a step closer together with the announcement of further joint initiatives on training and competence.

CII director general Sandy Scott told delegates that the CII would be unveiling a job competency framework and a CPD scheme for brokers, as well as the provision of guidance on managing conflict of interest.

Scott said that Biba and the CII were "looking to co-operate on key issues" and would work together for the "benefit of the profession".

"We want the profession to be seen as attractive to the brightest graduates and one which provides excellent client service," he added.

Biba chief executive Eric Galbraith also emphasised the importance of collaboration.

"We must invest in our future reputation and be attractive to the right people by developing the right image. We must act together," he said.

He added: "The industry needs a strong unified voice when talking to government and stakeholders."

Galbraith also said the industry needed to tackle the large amounts of policy documentation being produced in the light of the new FSA requirements.

"If we do not act together we will not be treating customers fairly; we will be confusing customers.

"We must act quickly to address this."

Biba chairman Max Taylor said the industry needed to "raise its game".

He said that insurers and brokers had to recruit the best people and produce the best products if they were to flourish.