The Groupama marketing team tells its Biba diary...

January 2009

Christmas is behind us and we examine our corporate event schedule for 2009. Top of the list is of course BIBA in Manchester this year – one of our favourite locations. Our Underwriting centre is in Spring Gardens right next to Vivienne Westwood, not that shopping will be on the agenda, but we’ll have lots of key people available to meet brokers and promote our products and electronic trading capabilities. Our 30 sponsored brokers are all invited so that’s us ahead of the game! Next job is to sort an exclusive dinner for the Thursday night and get the guests invited.

February 2009

Our new advertising campaign has just rolled out – time to brief our agency to create a new look for the Groupama Business Centre for BIBA – 2.5 months to go so still on schedule. Decided to book a clairvoyant as our opening night entertainment – Sonja called famous fortune-teller Lance Kelly – luckily he was expecting our call! With him on board already we know the conference is going to be a great success for us.

March 2009

As Easter approaches we brief our business teams and plan our communications. As usual we’ll have a masseur on our stand, so a keen volunteer has to go and try them out – it’s a hard life! As well as a massage or a manicure the Groupama Business Centre will also provide the usual internet access, exclusive organic refreshments and the chance to try out and learn about Optima Online, our new and updated extranet facility.

As if that’s not enough we’ve arranged a private dinner at the prestigious casino Manchester 235 on Thursday 14th, as there’s no ‘footie’ on we wonder if Ronaldo and his United pals will be there to give us some gambling and partying tips. Casino Royale springs to mind...

April 2009

Where has the time gone? Only 3 weeks to go and we wait in eager ANTticipation for our creative agency to deliver the graphics for the Business Centre, How will our Groupama GiANTs look in full, Technicolor glory and nearly 3 metres tall...?!

Phwew! The graphics arrive and they look great. The team are now really fired up ready for the conference – the stand is ready, our people our ready – Manchester here we come.

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