Association to lobby the government on flooding

The British Insurance Brokers’ Association has today published its first-ever Manifesto, highlighting its key campaigning issues for the next 12 months.

These include calling on the Government to set up a single body to take responsibility for the risk of flooding and to improve flood defences following last summer’s floods which devastated thousands of homes and left hundreds homeless.

Biba’s manifesto also calls for a reassessment of the age criteria for the over 60s so that they enjoy a greater availability of cover. The association says that this would help the industry to do more to support older customers, both on its own and working with government agencies.

The manifesto states: “As people live longer healthier lives there is a need to review outdated criteria for assessing and setting insurance premiums. Age should be only one of a number of factors taken into account.”

Eric Galbraith, chief executive, said: “I am confident that the Manifesto 2008 will help Biba to meet the challenge of representing the interests of insurance brokers and their customers. For businesses and consumers, the best insurance is a BIBA broker.”

Derek Thornton, chairman, added: “The Manifesto 2008 is an important document showing that BIBA is serious in its intention to promote trust and credibility within our industry.”

Other issues raised in the manifesto include ensuring that individuals and businesses have access to professional advice to help them choose the most appropriate cover for their needs; promoting the appropriate level of regulation for the sector by working towards greater transparency for commercial customers, establishing good practice guidance on market standards, and working with other organisations to achieve a level playing ground for brokers in the UK and Europe; and an ongoing commitment to make roads safer by educating consumers about the requirement for motor insurance.

On the latter point Biba said it would work with Government and stakeholders on their awareness and enforcement campaign for uninsured driving, advocate the electronic provision of motor insurance certificates, and work with others to ensure the effectiveness of the Motor Insurance Database.