Prime Minister Tony Blair has added the weight of government to a dangerous driving issue raised by Insurance Times last week.

On the same day we highlighted the effects that car magazines such as Max Power could have on young drivers by encouraging them to 'effectively break the law', the issue was raised at Prime Minister's question time.

Jim Knight, labour member for South Dorset asked Tony Blair if he would "urgently examine the effect of car magazines such as Max Power, which target irresponsible young men and effectively encourage them to break the law.'

Tony Blair replied: "I hope that anyone who publishes such magazines recognises that they also have a responsibility to encourage law-abiding behaviour. I have not seen the specific article to which my honourable Friend refers, but it certainly sounds deeply irresponsible."

The issue was brought to light by direct insurers esure and First Alternative asking government to impose a 21-year minimum age limit to buy the magazines.