Transport for London (TFL) faces weeks of uncertainty over whether it can reclaim potentially millions of pounds of losses arising from last week's terrorist attacks.

According to a statement, TFL will be looking to recoup the bulk of the cost of damage to stations and trains from Pool Re.

But it is understood that TFL does not have cover for property damage itself and will therefore have to stump-up an excess likely to be several hundred thousand pounds.

The full extent of TFL's claim is unknown at this stage because nominated loss adjuster GAB Robins has been denied access to the damaged areas by police.

Pool Re chief executive Steve Atkins, said: "It has not been confirmed whether TFL is even a member of the fund yet."

Claims outside of the London Underground are reported to be minimal compared to terrorist attacks in the past.

Harry Roberts, deputy president of Cila, said: "Physical damage to property has been relatively minor.

"We have seen around 20 claims so far relating to business interruption, loss of attraction and denial of access.

"However, we are not expecting anything like the levels we have seen in IRA attacks in London and Manchester."