The notoriously sociable broking industry was surprisingly upstaged at this year’s Biba Conference by the wine-guzzling antics of delegates at the London International Wine and Spirits Fair.

Backchat watched in wonder as buyers from across Europe showed the 3,200 or so Biba delegates how it was done after three days of titillating the taste buds with tipples from across the world.

Tanked up buyers were seen being wheeled back from the DLR platform, minus shoes and senses, after a cram-packed day of boozing.

Others serenaded brokers drinking in the nearby Fox @ Excel, with one wine delegate even jumping aboard the Royal & Sun bus, which was headed for their post-conference event at the London aquarium.

While one delegate might have slipped through the net to enjoy the Biba festivities, Backchat is pretty sure there were far more brokers trying to do the reverse.