Broker Brands has launched an add-on accident policy exclusive to members of the trade body AiiB that is net-rated at £6 per annum.

But the wholesale broker is recommending it should be sold as an option on all personal policies for £10 including insurance premium tax.

"Brokers have not sold PA cover traditionally," said sales manager Jon Britton.

"But by introducing a simple add-on policy which they can sell as any personal policy, we hope they can now generate a totally new income stream.

"I believe it is an industry first."

It covers anyone aged 16 to 75 irrespective of occupation and if injured will pay out £50 per week to the client guaranteed – this includes housewives and students.

Benefits start at week four up to maximum of 52 weeks.

The policies are administered simply by completing a memo the end of every month. They return this to Broker Brands and pay on receipt of statement within 30 days.

The policy is branded to the individual broker like other Broker Brand policies.

Broker Brands is also developing a new competitive PA & Sickness cover to complement this product. It is planned to be launched before the end of the year.