Insur-E.tam upgraded to ASP and draws in new clients

The Broker Network is looking at adopting insurE-com's new application service provider (ASP) system - tamCentral.

The company is one of a number of brokers believed to be looking at the new development. So far insurE-com has signed up Prescott Jones Insurance Partnership and Hammond Frey Marrington.

InsurE-com chief executive Jim McGuinness said: "We are already achieving in excess of 80% success rate in competitive tenders where we have been asked to tender for a new or replacement software system. As a result the old insur-E.tam user base has grown by over 40% in the past 12 months and the availability of an ASP version will only increase these figures."

The ASP system will look exactly the same as the existing back office driven product but will run from remote locations in Brighton and Birmingham. It is being offered across the broker market but initially targeted at the company's existing 174-strong insur-E.tam customer base, according to chairman John Head.

He said: "Our target is to move all tam customers to the new ASP system within six months."

The product is based on the North American Applied Systems insurance package that was rolled out three years ago at a cost of $64m.

According to McGuinness it is the only product on the market that is fully operational.

He said: "InsurE-com's customers benefit form the substantial experience, R&D, backing and support of the largest general insurance software provider (Applied Systems) in the world and a complete data disaster recovery service with multiple data centres in both the UK and US."

The ASP product is designed to offer a common platform complete with back office functionality and the latest Microsoft Office XP software, all supplied by insurE-com.

The system will run via broadband connection on the internet or through GPRS data card connection.