Broker Coversure has launched its own apprenticeship scheme to combat recruitment difficulties.

Compliance and training manager Allan Gambles said three initial recruits had been taken on. "It is very difficult to find good people, so we realised we had to grow our own," he said.

The three new employees will be trained for two years and be based at Coversure's head office in Peterborough.

Gambles said Coversure was actively targeting young people and had contacted local schools to raise interest.

"They will move around different departments covering a range of areas such as compliance, finance and marketing, allowing them to develop expertise in a range of areas. Some may even want to go on and run their own franchise," he added.

The Coversure group has 80 franchises with around four to five staff per branch. The company has premium income of over £50m.

Gambles said in recent years Coversure's emphasis has been to increase SME business over motor.