Alliance hires lobbyists to fight commission disclosure

Brokerbility is set to meet officials from the European Commission in Brussels on Monday as it ramps up its campaign against forced commission disclosure.

The campaigning alliance, which represents 23 small and medium sized brokers and a number of related sub-brokers, has drafted in professional lobbyists at its own expense.

It believes that bigger brokers support forced commission disclosure as a means of driving smaller players out of the market, and wants to up its influence to fight back.

Brokerbility launched a fighting fund last year, but has so far failed to receive backing from brokers outside the group.

Steve Grantham, managing director of Cooke and Mason and Brokerbility campaign leader, is concerned that some of the market’s biggest brokers have the ear of the commission. He said: “The big brokers and some of the insurers that are committed to mandated disclosure have infinite resources.

“We are trying to make sure that we have got our message across and that we don’t have the big boys using legislation to destroy competition.”

Brokerbility director Stuart Randall met Biba last week along with other campaigners to discuss working together on the issue.