A couple had a lucky escape when a double decker bus hit the front of their house near Huddersfield, causing £100,000 worth of damage, writes Mike Cooper.

The bus struck Linda Downs' bathroom just seconds after she had left it and within minutes of her husband Steven leaving the house for work.

"The whole house shook, all the lights went out and it felt like a thunderstorm or an earthquake. I was absolutely terrified and all I could think was to get out as quickly as I could.

"If I had not walked out of the bathroom when I did I would not be here today," said Mrs Downs.

When she looked down from her bedroom she saw the bus was wedged in the front of her house between the kitchen and bathroom.

It was the second time the couple's house in Emley Moor, near Huddersfield, has been hit by a vehicle in 10 years. The couple, who are teachers, had to spend six months in temporary accommodation while their wrecked house was repaired and only moved back last week.

Mrs Downs was so pleased by the way loss adjusters the Quest Gates partnership and brokers Hill House Hammond handled her £100,000 claim that she is planning to host a thank you party.

Damien Hunt, of Quest Gates, said: "It has been a shattering experience for Mr and Mrs Downs and our priority was to make sure that we found them suitable accommodation and resolved the claim with the minimum of delay."