Claims management companies will meet insurers to discuss establishing operating standards for dealing with personal injury claims.

A spokesman for the Claims Standards Association (CSA), an action group formed by several claims management companies, said it had meetings scheduled with two "very large" insurers in the coming weeks to discuss industry standards.

He said the CSA, which was formed earlier this year after the collapse of no-win, no-fee company Claims Direct, had concluded after eight months of research that self regulation of claims farmers would not work, and was calling on the government, insurance industry and banking industry to help set a common code of practice.

The spokesman said that after the demise of both Claims Direct and The Accident Group, the industry's reputation was tarnished. He said the group was looking to address the types of information given to claimants and the way in which it was delivered. "We want to get rid of the 'farming' aspect."

He said that the costs involved in personal injury claims could also be addressed if common standards could streamline some of the processes.