Capita London Market Services said it would be interested in buying Aon's claims consulting specialist division Axiom.

Capita London Market Services sales manager Mike Burrows said that the company would be interested in looking at the operation.

"Axiom and our operations have a lot of synergies because of the Hampden Agencies connections. We also have similar accounting services to Axiom. It is the case that when looking for business we often butt heads against them a lot of the time."

But, according to a market source, Axiom's directors are trying to thwart any sale by launching a management buy-out.

The source said: "They are actively seeking capital but the £20m asking price is high."

Axiom Consulting chief executive Vince Wooding said: "We are still in the process of developing our plans for Axiom. We will provide further information once we have finalised our plans, but until then we cannot comment."

Insurance Times broke the news of Aon's plans to sell Axiom in March this year.